The CatherineThe Construction All Risks Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for all types of civil construction risks. This policy covers physical loss or damage to property, as well as third party liability related to work conducted on the contract site.

The coverage for physical loss or damage to property is on an “All Risks” basis, i.e. the policy insures against damage to property in the course of construction by all sudden, accidental and unforeseen causes other than specified excluded perils and forms of damage. This cover includes works brought on to the site for the purposes of the contract as well as temporary works erected or constructed on-site. Additionally, the policy includes coverage for physical loss or damage to construction plant & machinery, equipment and tools used per the insured contract.

This policy also includes third party liability coverage. This insures against accidental bodily injury or illness to third parties as well as accidental loss of, or damage to property belonging to third parties, caused by an accident at the construction site. The policy also indemnifies for legal costs and expenses recovered by a claimant from the insured.

Information provided under each product is general information actual coverage and terms will be as per policy when issued.